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Growing Innovation
& Digital Transformation

Why is it material?

Digital Transformation is not just a technological option, but a necessity and therefore an integral part of Group’s strategic priorities. It aims and contributes to:

  • Performance improvement: Increasing revenues and margin while reducing costs (e.g. through improved productivity, flexibility, quality, speed of decisions & operations, faster reaction to market and personalized customer experience).
  • Keep up with competition: Most Mediterranean and Global Oil & Gas players started their digital journey and have already realized significant benefits.
  • Invent new ways of working: empowering existing human capital through acquisition of new skills, talents and practices. Empowerment also comes via the adoption of new collaboration methods, enhanced operations, advanced risk management techniques and crisis response capabilities (like COVID-19).

Our Approach

HELPE Group has prepared a vision and a scope for its Digital Transformation, spanning across the organization. The transformation program has already started its 3 years journey with very attractive investment metrics.

Since benefit realization is a cornerstone in project success, there is a sound methodology and a governance model ensuring value realization. Program provides feedback mechanisms and revision cycles, allowing for fine-tuning and continuous improvement at every milestone. Digital transformation is not a typical project with a set roadmap and a defined finish line, which, once crossed, constitutes a company being digitalized. Digitalization is achieved by implementing hundreds of use cases in a scalable manner. A very important aspect of our approach is to infuse new “digital” skills to the organization, though a massive people upskilling program, converting all employees into potential participants and contributors in this effort.

Since HELPE group is constituted of different business models, program consists of three different streams with their respective initiatives:

  • Digital Refinery
  • Digital Enterprise and
  • Digital Retail

Our ambition

Our ambition is to use digital technologies and capabilities (eg. Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud, AI, process improvement/automation and IoT), in order to achieve:

  • A collaborative, connected, and contextual Digital Refinery to drive value across People, Assets, and Operations
  • Digitally enabled decision making and streamlined /automated corporate processes
  • Improved understanding of partners and corporate customers, accompanied by enhanced engagement and interaction in the retail sector

Resulting in significant value for our organization and our customers

Program Vision

As we move into the digital era, all industries are influenced and re-shaped by digital disruption. HELPE Group swiftly adopts to the new reality by incorporating innovative solutions across its business footprint. The benefits from leveraging digital technologies are universally acknowledged, a trend further reflected in the number of investments made in this direction. The vision of digital transformation for Hellenic Petroleum, as well as its benefits, are summarized in the following pillars:

Digital Refinery

Collaborative, Connected, and Contextual digital refinery to drive value across People, Assets, and Operations:

  • End to end Optimisation for Supply chain & Production Units via a systematic operational analysis and targeted, data-driven assumptions and proposals.
  • Enhanced Asset Management, leveraging the benefits of predictive and preventive maintenance for an optimized cost base.
  • Connected Workforce to ensure safety, collaboration and efficiency.

Digital Enterprise

Digitally enabled decision making and streamlined corporate processes:

  • Automated processes using accurate, up-to-date and combined data.
  • An Organization with targeted, effective and faster decision making across corporate functions.
  • Advanced analytics in key processes and advanced cooperation through business processes automation and innovative collaboration tools that promote and leverage existing, group-wide data wealth.

Digital Retail

Better Know, Engage and Serve customers:

  • Personalized customer experience leading to increased loyalty, improved customer service and higher profitability.
  • Targeted, data-driven pricing models.
  • Digitalization of Operations.

Program Structure

In order to properly setup the project and ensure successful implementation, HELPE team has prepared a program structure with the following work packages:

  • Vision, portfolio and roadmap: Review vision per Business Unit and prepare a portfolio and roadmap of initiatives consisting of Digital Use Cases and functional systems modernization.
  • Digital use cases: Initiatives utilizing new digital technologies to solve specific business problems & release early benefits.
  • System of records: New or enhanced IT & OT(Operational Technology) business applications to modernize core business requirements.
  • Digital enablers: Digital Technologies and IT horizontal capabilities.
  • Infrastructure and Security: Underlying IT and OT infrastructure and required security measures.
  • Digital Transformation Office and Control Tower: Define program governance, Digital organization and operating model and setup Digital Academy

Digital Transformation & Human Capital Enhancement

One of the critical prerequisites for reaping the benefits of a Digital Transformation program, is the enhancement and upskilling of our Human Capital via acquisition of main Digital capabilities:

  • Enhanced Project & Program management, one of the core Digital Transformation activities
  • Expertise in Digital Tools: Introducing new skills and technologies via the main platforms and objectives of the Transformation program (advanced analytics, process automation, IoT, etc.)
  • Becoming Digital Savvy Business Experts, via adoption of the digital resources introduced in the key process affected by the Digital Transformation

A substantial part of HELPE’s human capital is expected to engage in the Digital Transformation Program, gaining significant benefits from their participation in this exciting journey.