• €6.86 mill.
    allocated on CSR actions (in Greece and abroad)

  • 136 schools &
    23,000 children
    received free heating oil in Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki

  • 15.2% of purchases made by industrial companies &
    95.8% of purchases made by marketing companies are from “local suppliers


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our cooperation with the broader society and the local communities that are near our industrial facilities is constant, multi-faceted and substantial. The initiatives undertaken by the Group are linked to the needs of each region and are formed through open dialogue with our stakeholders, by conducting surveys and identifying material topics, as well as through public opinion surveys, public debates and consultations.

In recent years, we have been collaborating closely with an extended circle of stakeholders and we have been working together towards our common goals. Supporting youth is always at the heart of our programs, as we provide talented young people with scholarships, both in Greece and abroad. We also support actions and initiatives that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, while improving the prospects for the youth.

In 2019, with our social work, we supported disaster-stricken areas affected by extreme weather events, floods and fires (Municipalities of Megara, Rafina, etc.) and social groups struggling to make ends meet.

Investments in CSR Actions in Greece and abroad

Greece € 6,315,718
Local Society (Thriasio & Western Thessaloniki) € 1,440,446
Broader Society € 4,875,272
Abroad € 552,161
Βulgaria € 120,488
Cyprus € 57,660
Montenegro € 147,892
North Macedonia € 116,691
Serbia € 109,430
Total € 6,867,879

Through its 360° integrated Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, the Group’s contribution and responsible attitude towards the community was directed towards the following four main pillars:

  • Society (Socially Vulnerable Groups & Health)
  • Youth
  • Environment & Sustainable Cities
  • Culture & Sports

Actions for the Society

Restoration Works at the Rafina Special School Complex

In September 2019, the ELPE Group, in the context of its provision of humanitarian support to those inflicted by the fire at Neos Voutzas, Mati and Rafina, restored and renovated fully the buildings of the Rafina Special School Complex, which had been partially destroyed by the fire. All the facilities and the surrounding area, where more than 80 children with special skills are hosted, were fully refurbished and upgraded too. The fire had caused major damage to the elementary school buildings and the surrounding area, while the rest of the building complex had major deficiencies in terms of facilities, functionality, security and accessibility for the children hosted there.

The new premises were restored fully by the Group’s subsidiary, ASPROFOS Engineering, in accordance with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union and applied by ELOT. The restoration Project was completed in record time, as schools were in operation until mid-June 2019 and all works on 5 of the 6 buildings and the surrounding area took place solely during the 3 summer months until the start of the new school year.

More information available here.

  • Heating oil donation: To 136 schools and 23,000 children as well as to 3 Open Care Centers for the Elderli (KAPI) and 4 municipal fitness centers in the neighbouring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki. Also, to NGOs, foundations and institutions protecting socially vulnerable groups (more than 540,000 liters of heating and diesel fuel).
  • Support for people with disabilities: Enhancing and extending programs supporting Special Schools as well as NGOs, such as ELEPAP, PASKA, PEKAMEA, AMEA MEGARA, EVRYNOMI, THEOFILOS, ARTEMIS, ERGASTIRI, TRIPTOLEMOS, Pan-Hellenic Association of the Blind etc.).
  • Monthly support for Social Groceries Programs: The Group demonstrated its concrete solidarity with the weakest members of the society, providing 1,750 families residing in our neighboring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki with food vouchers on a monthly basis.
  • Summer child care programs: Creative activities during the summer months provided for children with disabilities and the children of families in need in our neighboring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki in cooperation with NGO “ELIX” and with the American Farm School of Thessaloniki (338 children were involved in total).
  • Donation of STEM toys to children at Christmas: 3,000 educational toys were given to students from 30 schools and socially vulnerable groups of the Elefsina Special School, the Elefsina Care Center and the Elefsina Workers’ Center, which provide opportunities for skills development and engage children in playful activities linked to science, technology, mathematics and engineering.
  • Down Syndrome Association of Greece: Donation of a 17- seat bus to cover the daily needs for safe transportation
    of children. 110 employees of the Group and their families contributed to the purchase of the bus by participating in the 14th “Alexander the Great” Thessaloniki International Marathon. The volunteers ran with the slogan “Participate and Offer” and the company responded to their call, paying €10 for each kilometre they ran.
  • Elimination of discrimination and respect for human rights program: “Human Rights for Beginners” program, in collaboration with “New Wrinkle”, the Ministry of Education & Religion, and the Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program seeks to introduce and train educators on issues that are critical to the school community, as identified by the Council of Europe, through participation in six thematic workshops / Roma integration programs in cooperation with the Church, as well as people released from prison in cooperation with the NGO “Epanodos”.
  • “Companies Give Meds” Program: The Group’s employees collected 531 boxes of medicines from their home pharmacies and the Group, in collaboration with the public benefit organization GIVMED, delivered 377 boxes of medicines to the Social Pharmacy of Elefsina and 154 boxes to the Social Pharmacy of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki, in order to cover the pharmaceutical needs of vulnerable residents who do not have access to their medicines.
  • “With an Endless Love for Strays”, which is based on two pillars: a) the education of the young generation and b) the sterilization, the vaccination and microchipping of stray dogs, and is implemented with the support of BP fuel stations by “Save a Greek Stray” ( SGS). The program travels to areas throughout Greece with the aim of caring for stray animals, improving their living conditions and, at the same time, raising public awareness about stray animals with information actions about the problems that they face and the solutions that can be found. In 2019, two actions took place in rural areas, during which more than 1,000 students were informed and more than 200 stray dogs were sterilised, identified and vaccinated.
  • Digital Information Campaigns & Safe Driving Training: A digital campaign with safe driving tips on the FB page of BP Retail Greece with a total of 721,406 views and 4,938 clicks. EKO Riding School – “Safe motorcycle riding training day” during which 20 motorcyclists were trained, in combination with a digital YouTube campaign.
  • Donation of medical and pharmaceutical equipment: To Hospitals, Clinics and organizations involved in humanitarian and medical work (“THRIASIO” General Hospital of Elefsina, AHEPA Paediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, “Agios Savvas” General Anti-Cancer Oncology Hospital of Athens, 2nd Psychiatric Clinic EKPA – ATTIKON, Health Centers of Ithaca, Sami-Kefallonia, Paramythia and Filippiada, Hellenic Health Foundation, etc.).
  • Actions against gender-based violence: As a member of CSR Hellas, we support the transnational program “CEASE”, which aims to highlight the crucial role of companies in combating domestic violence, through the training of their executives and the formation of a hospitable work environment to support victims.
  •  Training programs for vulnerable groups: Training programs aimed at familiarizing unemployed people, immigrants and refugees with the use of technological tools, in collaboration with the Social Hackers Academy (200 hours of training in programming, 60 hours of training in soft skills, 20 attendances in developer conferences).

Actions For Youth

Updating and Disseminating the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

“EARTH 2030” Educational Suitcase: The Educational Suitcase is an interactive game created by specialized teachers, which contains educational material in order to raise students’ awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019 the suitcase “traveled” to the European School and the Kestekideio Greek School in Brussels, as well as to the Donoussa High School. In 2020, 2 suitcases will “travel” to Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Greece. Based on the curriculum of each class and the maturity of each age, each school can divide the Goals into different classes, because the “EARTH 2030” educational material proposes activities for all educational levels. More information is available here.

Student Competition: Collaboration with AGONI GRAMMI GONIMI, in the context of the “Energy for life… travels” program for the organization of a student competition on the topic of “Developing an action that combines one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, based on innovation and the applicability of the idea in everyday life”. The first place was won by the “BRIDGE… POETS” team, consisting of 9 students of the first grade of High School at the 4th General Integrated High School of Arta, which worked on Goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and presented its ideas for the Arachthos River. The prize for the winning team was a three-day trip to Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the administrative center of the European Union, where students and their teachers visited the city’s monuments and sights, the European Parliament and the headquarters of the European Union.

“HELPEforGlobalGoals” Program: Collaboration with AIESEC Greece, offering 42 scholarships to young people aged 19 to 28 years, with the aim of communicating and disseminating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, 27 scholarships were given to students to gain significant intercultural experience through 2 months of voluntary work at NGOs abroad, 9 scholarships to students to gain professional experience through internships in foreign companies, and 6 scholarships to students to gain expertise and professional experience working for 3 months in a start-up company (Start-up Unicorn Project) in Egypt.

  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad: Scholarships to excellent students from all over Greece for postgraduate studies at internationally renowned Universities abroad specializing in the fields of Engineering & Energy, Economics & Management, and Science. The program is being implemented for the 7th consecutive year and a total of 62 scholarships have been awarded.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies in Greece: Collaborations with Greek Universities for postgraduate studies, doctoral studies and postdoctoral research from the academic year 2017-18 to 2022-23 (University of Piraeus, Technical University of Crete, Athens University of Economics and Business, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University of Thrace etc.). So far, various memoranda of cooperation have been signed, creating more than 188 annual scholarships.
  • Internship program: Employment opportunities in the Group for university students and young excellent graduates.
  • Awards for newly admitted students in universities and technical colleges: Awards for students from the neighboring Municipalities of Thriasio and W. Thessaloniki for their successful entry to higher education. The program took place this year for the 12th consecutive year and 3,491 students have been awarded to date.
  • Support for STEM experiential education: Creation of modern science laboratories, which contribute to the improvement of the learning process and give new stimuli to students. To date, a total of 40 school units in the neighboring municipalities of Thriasio and W. Thessaloniki have been equipped with scientific and electronic equipment, as well as in the areas of Rodopi, Thesprotia, Preveza and Kefalonia, in collaboration with the Bodosaki Foundation.
  • “Mentoring the new generation” program: In collaboration with “Tipping Point”, 37 group sessions were held in which 671 students from 5 public schools in Rhodes, Filippiada, Pyrgos, Athens and Patras participated. They had the opportunity to chat through live video with people – role models (mentors), in order to be informed about their academic choices and professional fields of interest. Executives of the Group attended the program as mentors, sharing their knowledge and experiences from their profession.
  • The Earthquake Suitcase: An integrated educational system to inform and familiarize children with the phenomenon of earthquakes was designed by the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the University of Athens. Through the “Energy for life… travels” program, it enables students all over Greece to be informed in an experiential manner. The Earthquake Suitcase includes interactive toys, an experiential earthquake simulation experience in a seismic bank, an accelerometer, books, leaflets and an emergency backpack.
  • Support for Innovation-Entrepreneurship and Student Competitions: Support for the “Virtual Enterprise” program of the Youth Entrepreneurship Association, where the 1st Vocational High School of Aspropyrgos and the 1st General High School of Elefsina participated, as well as for student competitions such as the EUSO Pan-Hellenic Competition, the “Robocup” robotics competition, and the 25th ECONOMIA Student Competition etc.
  • Donation of equipment to schools and libraries: Donation of books, desktops, chalkboards and air conditioners to schools, as well as donation of books to libraries.
  • Educational guided tours in the industrial facilities of the Group: In 2019, 1,995 pupils and students toured the industrial facilities of Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and Thessaloniki.

Actions for Culture & Sports

Supporting the Cultural Sector with all our Energy

For many years, the Group, as a supporter of actions promoting life and pro-activeness, has been close to initiatives that utilize fresh voices and broaden the horizons of young people. In collaboration with the National Theater (“1000 + 1 Tales” and “Christmas Story”, “The Prince and the Poor” performances), the Athens and Thessaloniki Concert Halls (“Blank out”, “The Video Games Music”, “Music from Modern Greek Cinema” performances, etc.) and the Athens Festival, in 2019, more than 3,290 people – employees and their families – were given the opportunity to visit contemporary art and culture venues, fall in love with culture in an experiential way, travel with their imagination, learn, and develop their talents.

  • Museum tours program: Support for periodic exhibitions and activities of the National Archaeological Museum, the “Goulandris” Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki and the Benaki Museum, as well as coverage of the expenses for the tour of 500 students from 9 of neighboring Municipalities and 550 people – employees and their families -, in order to protect and promote monuments and art through guided tours.
  • Support for the “Amoli” program: An international, research, educational and artistic workshop for the city of Aspropyrgos with experiential and artistic works focusing on food, cultivation, and the rural and post-industrial landscape, with the participation of artists and farmers as well as the broader audience.
  • Educational workshops of music, narration and choir training: Participation of 32 people aged 65 and over, residing on the islands of Andros, Sikinos and Folegandros, in collaboration with the Alternative Stage of the National Opera and the “AGONI GRAMMI GONIMI” initiative.
  • Sponsoring cultural events of neighboring Municipalities: Systematic support for cultural events (Elefsina-Aeschylia, Aspropyrgos-Thriasia, summer events of Kordelio- Evosmos, Delta).
  • Coverage of the cost of architectural studies: Architectural study for the Maria Callas Foundation of Lyric Art, Study for the Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Eretria, coordinated by the Diazoma Association.
  • Support for actions regarding historical studies: Support for historical documentaries and manuals, as well as for actions for the creation of a digital archive regarding the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.
  • Sponsoring the 2nd Coastal Mediterranean Games: The Group, as a gold sponsor, supported the organization of the games in the city of Patras, which was for 7 days at the heart of international sports interest.
  • Support for the Greek Deaf Soccer Team: The Group, as a major sponsor, supported the National Deaf Soccer Team for its participation in the European Deaf Football Championship, where it won the bronze medal.
  • Support for teams and sports clubs of neighboring Municipalities: Panelefsiniakos, Gymnastics Association of Mandra, N. Peramos-Megara Association, Flame of Magoula, Alexander the Great Sports Club, Triptolemos, AMEA Eagles, etc.
  • Sponsoring distinguished athletes: Support for the preparation of athletes participating in European and world championships (Katerina Stefanidi-Olympic and World Pole Vault Champion, Konstantinos Filippidis-World Pole Vault Champion, Grigoris Polychronidis – Paralympic Boccia Champion, Dimitris Bakochristos – Paralympic Power-Lifting Champion, etc.).
  • Support for the Greek Paralympic Team: The Group, as the official sponsor, has been supporting the participation of athletes in international Paralympic Games.
  • “We run for a good cause” program: Participation of 259 employees of the Group in the Marathon races of Athens and Thessaloniki. For each kilometer covered by the runners, the Group offered 10 euros / kilometer to NGOs. Approximately 30,000 euros were collected and utilised for the construction of outpatient clinics and other infrastructure at the Pediatric Oncology Department of the AHEPA General Hospital of Thessaloniki, as well as for the donation of a modern 17-seat bus to the Down Syndrome Association of Greece.
  • Coverage of the costs of hosting children in sports camps: 5 children of employees of the Group participated in the NBA Basketball School Camp. Moreover, two sports initiatives for children (Basketball camp and 3on3 Basketball Event), organised by the Municipality of Megara, took place with great success.
  • Support for sports teams of employees: Donation of sports equipment and coverage of the cost of their participation in 4 sports events.

Actions for the Environment
& Sustainable Cities

“Energy for Life … Travels” To Remote Areas for the 7th Consecutive Year

The environmental education program “Energy for life… travels” is being implemented for the 7th consecutive year, in collaboration with “AGONI GRAMMI GORIMI”, aiming to raise awareness among both young and old people who live in remote geographical areas, on issues related to the protection of the environment, the proper management of natural resources, energy saving and the protection of flora and fauna. With the collaboration of NGOs, museums, universities, cultural and environmental groups, institutes and institutional bodies, it has traveled to a total of 61 destinations involving the implementation of 432 workshops for 12,302 students. In 2019, 2,322 students from 13 remote areas benefited from the program, while in addition to the educational programs, heating oil was donated to 5 school units, medical equipment was donated to the Health Centers of Ithaca, Sami Kefallonia, Paramythia and Filippiada, and PV panels were installed on the roof of Donousa High School.

More information about the program can be found here.

  • Tree planting in Seyh Su to prevent forest fires: A total of 1,500 fire-retardant plants (rosemary, acacia and oleander) were planted in the suburban forest of Thessaloniki (Seyh Su) along the Ring Road, covering a total length of 1,100 meters to prevent fire, in collaboration with the Region of Central Macedonia. With the support of the Pan-Hellenic Workers’ Union of ELPE, a large number of volunteers participated in the tree planting, mainly employees of the Group together with their families.
  • Air pollution meters: Maintenance of air pollution meters that have been installed in neighboring municipalities.
  • Infrastructure projects in neighboring Municipalities: Asphalt paving (330 tons of tar in the Municipality of Elefsina and 300 tons of tar in the Municipality of Megara), maintenance of the courtyard of the 2nd Primary School of Kalochori (Municipality of Delta), refurbishment of a playground in Magnesia Prefecture and installation of a wooden sports floor at the Sport Centers of Chalastra and Kalochori (Municipality of Delta).
  • Donation of fuel for fire protection and environmental measurements: Fuel donation for fire protection vehicles belonging to voluntary organizations and neighboring Municipalities, vehicles of the Greek Rescue Team, and Environmental Research Centers.
  • Cleaning of Thermaikos Gulf and removal of fallen trees and other objects in the Municipality of Elefsina.
  • Support for law enforcement agencies: Upgrading existing infrastructure, vehicle maintenance and fuel donation (Fire Brigade, Greek Police, Port Authorities, Customs).
  • Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of schools and foundations: Maintenance of the 10 PV systems that have been installed in school units and expansion of the PV system installation program to other schools and foundations in 2020, as each PV system produces a total of about 6,500kWh per year, while avoiding the release of about 7.3 tons of carbon dioxide per year from its operation. Also, the production of electricity through it improves the quality of electricity in the network of the area and, consequently, the living standards of residents.
  • Information on Energy Saving in Heating Oil: Digital information campaign with tips for energy saving in Heating Oil through the page of BP Retail Greece on FB with a total of 920,211 views and 10,383 clicks, as well as through the relevant section on the website
  • Participation in the “Green Mission” Vehicle Battery Recycling Program: Selected EKO & BP fuel station throughout Greece participate for the 2nd year in Sunlight Recycling’s “The Green Mission” program as “Green spots”, i.e. collection points of used batteries from cars and trucks. Through a proper process of collection, transport and recycling (which reaches 95%, approaching the principles of the circular economy), the toxic materials contained in these batteries are not disposed, the risk to the environment is avoided, and the batteries end up being utilized in the production process as useful raw material.

Local Communities

We are always in open dialogue with the local communities where we do business, and acknowledge the issues that are important for each individual region. We apply good practices for all social groups, support the local economy and local suppliers, we offer opportunities to young people and place particular emphasis on locality in the personnel selection procedure.

Currently, more than 449 employees residing in nearby municipalities in the Thriasio area and 136 employees residing in the Western Thessaloniki area are employed by the Group.

Over €3 million are paid each year in municipal taxes and the local economies benefit from our purchases of products and services from local businesses.

Purchases from local suppliers amount to 15.2% of total value of purchases for HELLENIC PETROLEUM and DIAXON (industrial companies) and to 95.8% for our marketing companies (excluding costs such as purchases, transportation and storage of raw materials and intermediates, public utilities payments, intra-group transactions and payments to the state, insurance funds and insurance companies). For the definition of a ‘local supplier’, see index 204-1.

Purchases from local suppliers (based on suppliers from neighbouring areas) - HELPE and DIAXON

Suppliers Payments Number of suppliers
Value (€’000) Value (%) Number %
Thriassio, neighbouring municipalities 28,748 10.4% 144 5.0%
W. Thessaloniki, neighbouring municipalities 12,939 4.7% 164 5.6%
TOTAL – LOCAL SUPPLIERS 41,687 15.2% 308 10.6%
REST OF SUPPLIERS 233,415 84.8% 2,601 89.4%
TOTAL 275,102 100.0% 2,909 100.0%

Purchases from local suppliers (based on Domestic / Foreign) - HELPE and DIAXON

Payments Number of suppliers
Suppliers Value (€’000) Value (%) Number %
Foreign 103,863 37.8% 682 23.4%
Domestic 171,240 62.2% 2,227 76.6%
TOTAL 275,102 100% 2,909 100%

Purchases from local suppliers (based on Domestic / Foreign) – marketing companies

Payments (€ ‘000) Number of suppliers
Total Local Total Local
ΕΚΟ 115,136 110,661 2,587 2,536
KALYPSO KEA 25,695 25,695 647 647
EKO BULGARIA 39,440 38,672 456 432
HP CYPRUS 17,613 16,082 531 504
OKTA 2,855 2,631 380 335
EKO SERBIA 20,182 19,752 420 403
JUGOPETROL 29,720 26,745 617 542
TOTAL 250,640 240,238 5,638 5,399
Local suppliers % 95.8% 95.8%


Best Practices Abroad

In 2019, total expenditure on social responsibility initiatives abroad amounted to approx. €552,161. Out of the large number of social responsibility initiatives the group supports or participates in, we list below some important activities by country, indicating the range of our commitment.


  • For a third consecutive year, OKTA successfully implemented the “Jas vnimavam” information campaign for safe and responsible driving through production of educational videos and donation of traffic lights push- buttons to the City of Skopje
  • Financial support and donations provided to institutions, organizations and initiatives such as:
    • World Hunger Day campaign
    • blood donation by OKTA employees
    • the Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic of the Kumanovo General Hospital
  • Sponsored the organization of cultural and sports events and educational activities (Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Jazz Festival, National Basketball Federation, Youth Association YMCA-Bitola, Modern Greek Cinema Festival SERBIA in Skopje).
  • Sponsored Greek language courses in Skopje.
  • 10 scholarships for post-graduate studies were awarded to students from 5 faculties at the St. Cyril and Methodius University and 3 scholarships were awarded to students to pursue postgraduate studies at Greek universities.


  • “EKO Safe Rider” road safety training program, part of the “City’s A.R.T.” road accident prevention initiative.
  • Financial support and donations provided to organizations such as the “Elpida” Foundation and sports teams such as National Football Teams.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities.


  • Financial support and donations provided to health and medical care institutions such as the Children’s Hospital and the Bijela Orphanage (children’s camp), as well as to socially vulnerable groups through a TV program.
  • Financial support provided for cultural and sport events and conferences (Olympic Committee of Montenegro, Mini Volleyball Championship for Children, Economist Forum, Montenegro Off-Road Rally, Greek Embassy cultural event) and donation of a children’s playground to the Municipality of Cetinje.
  • “Someone is thinking about you” safe driving program at schools in collaboration with the “Pcelice” NGO and the support of the Ministries of Education and Internal Affairs.
  • Lectures on road safety by Prof. Milan Vujanic.
  • Scholarships for post-graduate studies at Greek Universities.


  • Financial support and donations provided to organizations such as the International Women’s Club and the “Ole male” Christmas action, and construction of an interactive playground in a primary school in Varna.
  • Sponsored sports associations and events (Sofia marathon, athlete Martin Choy for his participation in the Bulgarian National and East European Championships and World Endurance Championships).
  • Sponsored road safety initiatives of the Motorcycle School to improve the driving skills of motorcyclists and avoid roadaccidents, and teach driving rules to children.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities.
  • Sponsored the stay of employees’ children at the Basketball Camp in Serbia.


  • Financial support provided to institutions and organizations to support their charitable and humanitarian work (NGO Mali veliki ljudi and Belhospice in the framework of the Marathon held in Belgrade, Youth Support Center).
  • Financial support provided to cultural and sporting events and organizations
    • Red Star Belgrade Basketball Team
    • Olympic Committee of Serbia
    • Basketball Sports Camp for children at Mount Kopaonik
  • Summer Safe Driving awareness campaign “Drive fresh” in cooperation with the Road Safety Agency.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek universities.

Our Goals

For the Socially Vulnerable Groups

Strengthen initiatives to eradicate hunger, reduce poverty and fight disease. At the same time, design and implement programs that contribute to the autonomy and financial independence of socially vulnerable groups.

  • Strengthen local entrepreneurship in order to develop the local economy and fight unemployment.
  • Implement training programs for young people in order to enable them to acquire the digital skills and knowledge that are necessary in the ever- changing labour market.
  • Create programs to help ill people and support the National Health System in order to tackle successfully any public health crisis.

For Education

Invest in quality education, research and innovation, supporting the young generation.

  • Strengthen educational programs and collaborations at all levels of education, focusing on acquiring the required modern-day skills, such as familiarity with robotics, coding, encouraging innovation and highlighting creative thinking.
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with scientific bodies in order to promote research and innovation, focusing on energy and, in particular, on cleaner fuels, modern technological methods, RES etc.
  • Strengthen innovation and youth entrepreneurship, and adopt new forms of partnerships, such as with small start-ups that analyze accumulated data in the field of energy and suggest changes concerning the modern commercial fuel network, cyclical economy, digital applications, etc.

For the Environment / Infrastructure

Plan and implement actions that contribute to offsetting carbon dioxide emitted by our activities.

  • Extensive and systematic planting of trees in areas where we operate, in areas affected by natural disasters, etc.
  • Design and implementation of actions to protect the land and marine ecosystem, biodiversity, etc.
  • Installation of RES in school complexes and institutions, conversion of conventional buildings into green buildings.
  • Development of environmental sensitization programs for pupils and the broader society.
  • Infrastructure projects in local communities with environmental content, reconstructions, recycling, urban waste management, etc.

For Culture / Sports / Volunteerism

Participate actively in cultural and sport activities and programs, contributing to the promotion of our cultural heritage and the values of “fair play”.

  • Support art and culture in order to promote our cultural heritage with an emphasis on the Group’s areas of activity.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of archaeological sites and museums, creating new business opportunities and designing cultural promotion programs that involve new technologies, such as the digitization of archaeological sites, 3D imaging, artificial intelligence and virtual tours.
  • Sponsor top-class sport engagement and nurture sports ideals.
  • Participate in volunteerism activities, encourage and strengthen contribution by teams in the workplace
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